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Purgatory Explained (MP3 Downloads)

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Purgatory Explained
Father Clement Machado

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What does it mean to "be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect"?  How can believers be purified from their sins even after death?  Where in the Holy Bible can the teaching on Purgatory be found?  

Why is this doctrine, seemingly forgotten by many, necessary to fully comprehend God’s infinite mercy and justice?

In Purgatory Explained, Fr. Machado reveals how nearly 2000 years of Church Tradition testifies to this revealed truth.  Now, you’ll find real answers and helpful insights to common questions about this important Catholic Church teaching.  

And, you’ll discover how Purgatory is truly a sign of Divine Mercy on those who have sincerely sought to know God, to do His Will, and yet who die in some attachment to sin.  Order by Nov. 25th and receive your discount. 

  ◊ Where to find the proofs for Purgatory in the holy bible 
  ◊ Why belief in Purgatory is necessary to fully comprehend God’s infinite mercy and justice 
  ◊ Why indulgences remain a little known treasure of Church teaching 
  ◊ How Purgatory relates to the major teachings of the Christian Faith 
  ◊ How prayer for the dead is rooted in rich Jewish tradition 
  ◊ The testimony of the Fathers and Doctors, Saints and Martyrs 
  ◊ Practical suggestions for remembering your deceased loved ones 
  ◊ How our prayers and good works can benefit the faithful departed 
  ◊ The difference between plenary and partial indulgences 
  ◊ And much more...


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