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Mother of Mercy: Mary’s Key To Restoration

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Mother of Mercy: Mary’s Key to Restoration

(3 Talks)

Fr. Donald Calloway --

How is a relationship with Mary the key to restoration and renewal in the Church today? Why do so many Catholics turn to Eastern spirituality or “New Age” when we have Our Lady’s Rosary?

What is the role of the Blessed Mother in the true foundation of the Catholic priesthood? Recorded before a live audience, Fr. Calloway answers all these questions and much more.

Mother of Mercy
Father Calloway begins this Marian tour-de-force by investigating the Blessed Virgin’s title “Mother of Mercy,” and what it means to us today: theologically, historically and spiritually. As you listen, you’ll discover why devotion to Mary is not optional, why you can’t know the real Jesus without Mary, and how every grace we receive is given us by God through Our Lady. Now you’ll discern the only way to true renewal as Father shows you how to surrender to the motherhood of Mary.

Heavenly Antidote
In this second conference, Father Calloway reveals how, through therapy, “new age” techniques, and popular culture, the “whole world is going to confession, but no one’s getting absolved.” You’ll soon see why the answer to our addicted, medicated and sinful society is not to be found in the inventions of men, but in the “heavenly antidote” prescribed by Our Lady: the Most Holy Rosary.

The Rosary is Heaven’s “weapon of choice” in the spiritual battle of our times and Father demonstrates that by learning to love sacrificially through Our Lady’s Rosary, we can reunite families, renew the priesthood, and restore the Church. Because, Heaven doesn’t make promises it can’t keep.

Mary and the Priesthood
In the most provocative and powerful final presentation of this series, Father Calloway offers personal, from-the-heart insights about the saddest thing to happen among priests in our day: no relationship with Mary. This inspiring talk reveals that the foundation of the Priesthood is manhood, and that, to be a priest after the heart of Christ, a man needs a beauty to love, to defend, and to die for.

As Father dramatically demonstrates, a man who has no relationship with Mary frankly has no vocation. Now, you’ll discover that the key to renewal of the priesthood is to restore the Marian element, as priests who are devoted to Our Lady become Warriors of God, Knights of the Queen, and Soldiers of Truth.

Here is a golden opportunity to learn and share, with clarity and conviction, that Christianity isn’t a theory. Rather, Our Lord truly came to be the spouse of our souls and to “romance his bride into the wedding feast of Heaven.”

Order now and uncover the powerful truth that every soul is called to be like Mary.


  • How the Rosary overcomes temptations What are Mary’s “maternal rights”
  • Why we call the Church “Mother Church”
  • What happened to Marian devotion after Vatican II
  • Why fasting is a “prayer of the body”
  • How the Church is personified in Mary
  • Why Jesus calls Mary “Mother” as a child, but “Woman” as a man
  • Why Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, etc. are in contradiction to the Cross
  • How a priest wears his “wedding ring” around his neck
  • Why the Marian modality of the Church is even greater than the Petrine ministry
  • And much more...

(3 Talks)


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